Too Kyo Games Announces Death March Club

The newly formed studio will have a brand new "death game" out in 2020.

The newly formed studio will have a brand new "death game" out in 2020.

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed that the recently formed studio Too Kyo Games has announced the official title for one of its upcoming projects.  Death March Club, which will be published by Izanagi Games, will head to the PC in 2020.

Death March Club has been described as a “death game with kids, for kids,” in a similar vein to Danganronpa. Although Death March Club features elementary school students, it’s being made with an adult audience in mind. 

The gameplay is split between separate action and adventure sections, where players control a boy named Reicho to solve puzzles and clear stages. The action sections are reportedly side-scrolling, and Reicho will have several students with unique abilities help him along the way.

The adventure sections will be fully voiced — even if Reicho himself doesn’t talk. Additionally, Kazutaka Kodaka of Danganronpa fame has claimed that Death March Club will take 20 hours to complete, with a handful of different scenarios and twists along the way. 

Producer Shinsuke Umeda said the developer would like to have a demo of the game’s action sections as soon as possible in order to get player feedback prior to launch.

Additionally, the full team for Death March Club was revealed and is as follows:

  • Kazutaka Kodaka: Creative Director
  • Kotaro Uchikoshi: Scenario Writer and Director
  • Takumi Nakazawa: Director
  • Take: Character Designer
  • Kentaro Yoshida: Art Director
  • Shinsuke Umeda: Producer
  • Yukio Futatsugi: Development Producer

Death March Club will launch on PC in 2020. It is currently unknown if it will launch on any other platforms in the future. Make sure to keep an eye out for the action demo in the near future.

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