Top Bubble Debut Title Tidy Monsters Coming Soon to iOS

It's time to tidy up the bedroom with an all new kids iOS game!

It's time to tidy up the bedroom with an all new kids iOS game!

London-based indie developers Top Bubble are gearing up to release their first mobile game Tidy Monsters for users with iOS 8+ on August 5th. This free-to-play title is a puzzle game which has been inspired by classic “stacking” games such as Tetris. Tidy Monsters is child-friendly and features bright cartoon graphics which makes the game fun and holds kids’ attention.

The game follows two friendly monsters, Pickles and Eric, who live under five-year-old Whimsy Maple’s bed. The only trouble is that the bedroom is so untidy. There are toys everywhere! Players must help Pickles and Eric tidy up the bedroom by sorting, swiping and stacking up toys before the toys fill the entire room.

But look out for spiders, because these gentle monsters are afraid of them and it is game over if a spider falls into the toy box, as it frightens the monsters away. There are lots of achievements to be had as well as collecting power-ups which help tidy up quicker and building up those high scores.

Check out the App Store on August 5th to get your hands on this game to help keep your kids occupied during the summer break.

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