Torchlight Mobile dazzled judges this week at Game Connection, winning Best Mobile Game of 2015.

Torchlight Mobile awarded Best Mobile Game at 2015 Game Connection

Torchlight Mobile dazzled judges this week at Game Connection, winning Best Mobile Game of 2015.

Torchlight, the action RPG game designed by Perfect World dazzled the judges and attendees at the Game Connection Event in Paris, France. Due to the impression Torchlight Mobile made, it was named Best Mobile Game of 2015.

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A Perfect Game from Perfect World

This isn’t the first time that Torchlight Mobile was selected above many other spectacular mobile games. During E3 2015, Torchlight Mobile was given many awards, while at GamesCom, Perfect World’s game received “Best Mobile Game” from

This could be brought on by the huge change that Perfect World made in Torchlight Mobile, and that was the removal of stamina bars.

Originally using the in-game stamina as a source of a “cool down” rate, it became very bothersome to many players. It was used for going into dungeons and even accepting missions, so players wouldn’t burn through the game as quickly. After receiving feedback on that specific element of the game, they removed the stamina bar to make the gameplay more enjoyable.

Since Torchlight Mobile is still in development to some extent, Perfect World plans to implement the fishing system that the other games in the Torchlight franchise feature. There are already a few features that are found throughout the franchise including the graphics and pets. 

Features in the Torchlight Mobile Branch

Some of the cool features found in the Torchlight Mobile game are:

  • New areas to explore
  • New playable races and classes exclusively to the mobile game
  • New skill augmentation system
  • PVP and multiplayer gameplay
  • New collectible pets system
  • Timed challenges

With all of the features Perfect World has added to their new mobile game, it’s understandable that Torchlight Mobile has won so many awards over the past year. 

Do you think Torchlight Mobile is deserving of their awards? Are there any other mobile games that could rival them? Share your thoughts below!

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