Total War Warhammer 2: Skaven Revealed as Fourth Playable Race

The Under Empire awakens and Skaven pour forth from their hovels to do the Great Horned Rat's bidding.

The Under Empire awakens and Skaven pour forth from their hovels to do the Great Horned Rat's bidding.

Squeak! It’s officially been confirmed that the Skaven will be the fourth playable race in Creative Assembly’s Total War Warhammer 2. Who would have thought?

Though not exactly the best kept secret of Total War developers Creative Assembly, the company has finally announced everyone’s favorite Ratkin with a brand new in-game teaser trailer. Check it out for yourself above!

In this trailer, Queek Headtaker and Lord Skrolk (one of the few legendary Plaguelords) command the Skaven into battle against the Dark Elves and the ancient Lizardmen. Featuring Doomwheels and even a Warp Flame Thrower, the Skaven seem to be packing a fair amount of their advanced technology — and you can assume there’s even more, such as poison globadiers.

Rat Ogres aggressively enter the fray and get some good shots in, but I believe the Hell Pit Abomination is the true class act of the trailer.  


Imperial citizens must remember that the existence of such creatures is entirely up to scholarly debate. Many argue that the so-called “Skaven” are most likely a form of mutant beastman. There is absolutely nothing to fear from these “rat folk” that dwell beneath the earth — they don’t have advanced technology or world-spanning subterranean cities. 

Whoops. The Imperial propaganda got to me for a moment. With my wits sorted back out, I’ve got a lot of questions about this race’s role in Warhammer II. What outstanding campaign concepts will be introduced for the Skaven? Will they be able to burrow under foes and explode from the Underway to scurry around and overwhelm opposing forces? Will great magic rituals devoted to the Horned Rat empower their armies? Hopefully these questions will be answered soon. 

With this reveal, the Skaven are joining the ranks of the Lizardmen, Dark Elves, and High Elves as playable races in Warhammer 2. The game drops later this year on September 28.

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