Tower of God: New World Release Date Confirmed for July

The popular Webtoon is coming to mobile platforms with Tower of God: New World.

Image via Netmarble

The mobile CCG RPG Tower of God: New World is ready to scale new heights as it prepares for launch. Coming to iOS and Android devices on July 26, you can now preregister and get in-game rewards.

Based on the popular comic on Webtoon, Tower of God, the game will focus on Twenty-Fifth Bam and Rachel as they scale the Tower, hoping to reach the top and be granted a wish. Along the way, you’ll encounter over 70 characters inspired by the Webtoon.

The game will have what appears to be an extensive and in-depth story mode, which will “make players feel like they have stepped into an anime world,” according to developer Netmarble, who has released games such as Marvel Future Fight, King of Fighters All Star, and Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Tower of God: New World features a unique Slot mechanic, where Netmarble says you won’t have to spend time grinding to level up new characters. Instead, you’ll be able to level up Slots. When a character is placed in that Slot, they’ll be buffed to the appropriate level and be able to join in the fight immediatley. It ties into the Tower of God: New World Shinsu Link system, which allows you to share progress across multiple characters instead of grinding experience for each one individually.

While the game is still waiting for its official release, head over to the Google Play Store or App Store and click install to preregister. Doing so will net you 10 Character Summon Tickets and SSR Twenty-Fifth Bam when you play the game for the first time at release. The rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox.

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