Wired Productions has been able to raise $10,000 for mental health awareness as part of their year-long campaign to bring the issue to light.

Town of Light Developer Donates $10,000 to Mental Health Awareness

Wired Productions has been able to raise $10,000 for mental health awareness as part of their year-long campaign to bring the issue to light.
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Wired Productions, the UK-based Indie game developer and publisher of The Town of Light, has announced it has reached its initial goal for funding mental health awareness non-profit Take This Inc. The company, alongside Italian game developer LKA, has raised $10,000 for the charity.

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All the proceeds of the campaign will be donated to Take This Inc. to help the non-profit in its mission to support individuals with mental health issues. This is the first activity in a year-long campaign to help raise awareness for mental health.

Managing Director of Wired Productions Leo Zullo announced he was, “…delighted by (the) success of this first campaign”. To raise funds, Wired Productions held a promotion where 25% of The Town of Lights sales went toward funding the donation. Both studios have received immense support from retailers when they offered a further 20% discount off the game and with a direct contribution to the fund from Games Planet.

Journalist and President for Take This Inc Paul Ritts considers said that, “Wired’s financial contribution is a real help, but the more tangible support is knowing their voice has been added to ours.” 

Zullo echoed that statement, saying that Wired Productions was, “…steadfast in our belief that mental health is an issue that the gaming community as a whole needs and wants to tackle.” 

The Town of Light was not Wired’s first game, but for LKA, this initial project was one that hit very close to home.

Released in February 2016, The Town of Light is a psychological horror game set in a Tuscan hospital, the Pschiatrico di Volterra. You play as Renee, an ex-patient in 1940’s who is trying to piece together the events that happened in Volterra.

Inspired by the real hospital and events that happened there during its operation, The Town of Light illuminates the horrors of stigma centered on mental health issues. 

Wired Productions and LKA are exceedingly grateful to Games Planet, Humble Bundle, Xbox,PlayStation Store, Greenman Gaming and Steam for their help with the campaign.

You can directly donate to the work Take This Inc is trying to achieve by going to their website, where you can find out more about the work the company is doing and the plans they have for the future.

You can also get directly involved with Wired Productions‘ year-long campaign by creating charity events of your own. 

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