The controversy that spawned #buttgate has been resolved by the Overwatch team, and the results are poster-worthy

Tracer’s new replacement pose is none other than a pin up model pose

The controversy that spawned #buttgate has been resolved by the Overwatch team, and the results are poster-worthy

Last week, Twitter had an trending tag that went by #buttgate. The tag, for those who haven’t heard enough about it yet, was about a particular pose Tracer took during her victory animations in the game Overwatch. While fans were immediately upset by the supposed removal of the “Over the Shoulder” pose, they may be pleasantly surprised by it’s replacement…

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Behold! Tracer’s new pose!

The image was brought to the world’s attention by Twitter user @EchoesDark revealed a new in-game pose for Tracer. It seems to be based off the pin up poster (left), and — from the looks of it — shows more butt than the piece that inspired it. Considering the pose shows just as much butt, and is even more of an attention grabbing pose, it seems Blizzard has truly played everyone for chumps.

The controversy that started over the original pose (seen above) was one that was started by a user named Fipps. The complaint was that the pose was too sexual, and that they did not want their daughter exposed to this. The sentiment was heavily shot down by Overwatch fans, as well as various non-Overwatch related groups, most of them stating that the rest of the cast shared this pose and yet the user had no issue with them.

Whether Fipps would accept this new alternative or not is really up in the air. While it does seem a bit more sexualized than the previous one, a character like Tracer might have an appreciation for pin up art, seeing as nose art typically starred pin up models.

What do you think of the new pose? Do you like the original one more? Do you think Blizzard made a wrong move by changing it to this one since it may actually offend people this time? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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