Transformers: Devastation, a cell"-shaded brawler is leaked ahead of E3.

Transformers: Devastation leaked prior to E3 reveal

Transformers: Devastation, a cell"-shaded brawler is leaked ahead of E3.

A new game in the Transformers franchise has been leaked today, supposedly called Transformers: DevastationIt seems to be a brawler with cell-shaded graphics, a big change from last year’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.

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The leak was first reported by PureXbox, who released multiple screenshots. However, the developer is currently unknown.

PureXbox reports it’ll likely be an Xbox 360 and Xbox One title with no mention of other platforms. But bear in mind their name IS PureXbox and all previous Transformers installments haven’t been platform exclusives, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to pick this up on PS3/PS4 and maybe PC too.

The report also points out that the leaked screenshots of Devastation do bear a resemblance to Legend of Korra, the recent release by Platinum Games in association with Activision. As Transformers is binded to Activision, there’s a good chance this may be one of Platinum Games’ unannounced titles.

No matter what, we’ll undoubtedly hear more at E3, which kicks off this week with a press conference from Bethesda.

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