Vermintide's newest DLC has players traveling to the long lost fortress of a forgotten enemy to find new loot and dangers.

Travel to Castle Drachenfels in Warhammer: The End Times Vermintide’s newest DLC

Vermintide's newest DLC has players traveling to the long lost fortress of a forgotten enemy to find new loot and dangers.
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It’s been a great month for the Warhammer Fantasy franchise. New updates for their successful first-person action game Vermintide have been released just a few days after the launch of strategy franchise Total War’s own contribution to the universe. After a lengthy countdown, players are now being treated to the full details of the patch released today.

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Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide is taking its heroes to a new realm, far from the Ubersreik where players have been staving off the invasion of the vicious ratfolk known as Skaven. This new realm brings all sorts of goodies to revitalize the game, including new weapons for two of the heroes, as well as new maps, mechanics and achievements.

The two new weapon types will be an Elven glaive for the Wood Elf Kerillian, and a semi-automatic crossbow for Victor, the Witch Hunter. These weapons will only drop in the new levels, so you need to pick up the DLC to add them to your collection.

The three new maps all have a correlating story, taking the heroes on a journey to find out what it is the Skaven are planning to do in this new realm. Players will venture through the hollowed Castle Drakenfels, prevent the Skaven from opening new portals at Summoner’s Peak, and venture deep underground in the Dungeons of Drakenfels.

These will also require players to use the new item torches, which will require one hand to hold to allow you to better navigate the deep darkness introduced in these maps, as well as help keep an eye out for deadly spike traps also added in the new areas you will have to explore if you wish to gain new riches.

The most exciting aspect of this update is developer Fat Shark showing a willingness to add entirely new components to their game. Not satisfied with just adding weapons to the game that will scale the player, they have also added newer challenges in the form of darkness and traps to keep challenging us. This has us asking…what can we expect in the future? Will they ever add new races for us to fight, or new enemy Skaven types? There has always been a demand for a multiplayer addition as well, similar to Left 4 Dead’s survivor vs. zombie gameplay. What matters for now is that the game is getting a much needed update. One that hopefully portends to a bright future for a well made game.

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