Tree of Savior’s F2P release set for May 10th after delay

IMC Games gives Tree of Savior a new launch date set for May 10th.

IMC Games gives Tree of Savior a new launch date set for May 10th.

Tree of Savior has had a tough Exclusive Access period, but as the bots, bugs, and pre-launch access pricing gets ironed out the game edges ever closer to a full release.

Exclusive Access players and those waiting for Tree of Savior to enter a full launch were disappointed at last week’s announcement to postpone in order to deal with some of the game’s issues, in particular regional pricing differences that allowed unsavory players and RMT bots to get Tokens in on the cheap, wrecking the in-game economy.

IMC Games gave an update on the status of the game’s release today, setting the full launch date for May 10th.

Full launch will bring new servers specifically for non-Founder’s players, transfers for current players to newer or region-specific servers, and the addition of a much-requested South American server. Hopefully these additions to the game’s small server list will ease the load and prevent the type of lag we saw in previous betas and the start of Exclusive Access.

Tree of Savior‘s ARPG-style combat and classic MMO-esque grinding and systems are a unique combination in the MMORPG industry today. The style of game seems most suited to the late ’90s and early 2000s–if that sounds good to you, this may be worth checking out once it makes its way to full launch on Steam.

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