Tripwire Bans Paid Mods to Killing Floor 2 Regardless of Valve Axing Payment Feature

Make all the mods to Killing Floor 2 that you want - but don't expect to profit from them.

Make all the mods to Killing Floor 2 that you want - but don't expect to profit from them.

Bethesda and Valve might have been fine with you making a few dollars off of your sweet Skyrim mods in Steam Workshop, but Tripwire says that any mod you create for Killing Floor 2 must be distributed for free. This statement comes regardless of the fact that Valve just pulled the unpopular feature from Steam.

This recent update to their EULA (End User License Agreement) states:

Your Mods must be distributed for free, period.  Neither you, nor any other person or party, may sell them to anyone, commercially exploit them in any way, or charge anyone for receiving or using them without prior written consent from Tripwire Interactive.  You may exchange them at no charge among other end users and distribute them to others over the Internet, on magazine cover disks, or otherwise for free.

While Tripwire’s EULA encourages users to exercise their creativity and hone their skills by modding Killing Floor 2, they have stated in no uncertain terms that content creators cannot benefit without their expressed written permission.

Killing Floor 2 is currently available via Steam Early Access, and it will be released later this year for PC and the PS4.

Do you support paid mods to popular games, or are you solidly against it? Sound off in the comments!

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