Tropico 5 Announced – El Presidente Finally Commands Multiplayer!

El Presidente is back, baby!

Have a taste for being called ‘El Presidente’? Hold on to your butts, because Tropico 5 is on the way to put you in El Presidente’s shoes once again to build up cities and oppress care for your people.

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Fans of the series can mostly agree that while Tropico 4 was a good game, the fact that it was identical to the third game in the series in all but campaign missions and some unique features was a bit disappointing. People got more El Presidente, but no flair to go with those new missions.

Developer Kalypso Media is promising something new with the fifth entry to the Tropico series. El Presidente will now have to take care of the island of Tropico through all of its ups and downs, dealing with world crises from the 19th to the 21st century. Sound good? I thought so!

From the list of Tropico 5‘s features, it seems Kalypso is taking more of a traditional city-building approach as opposed to the island-hopping seen in the previous games. El Presidente will have children and die, passing along the title of El Presidente to the next generation of dictator. The game will also bring research to the series, a much-welcome addition to the series.

Perhaps the most exciting announced feature so far is the addition of multiplayer, something sorely lacking from the previous games and more than welcome in today’s multiplayer-driven market. Players will be able to build individual cities on a single island, compete for or share resources, and declare war on one another.

Will Kalypso be able to retain the charm of the other games in this transition to a new city-building format? We’ll just have to see, but here’s to hoping Tropico 5 will have just as good of a campaign mode as the other games in the series.

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