Tropico 5 Gets Waterborne With Expansion

Tropico 5 expands into the ocean in its next DLC.

Tropico 5 expands into the ocean in its next DLC.
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Tropico 5 will soon let you expand your colony into the ocean. The Waterborne expansion will be available on December 17th for $19.99 from Steam and direct from the Kalypso launcher.

The expansion will include:

  • A new campaign with 6 scenarios
  • New buildings that can be put on water including Oyster and Kelp farms
  • Submarines will be added to your military arsenal
  • 4 New islands maps to rule
  • New music
  • 2 more costumes and more accessories for your dynasty members
  • New missions to help you explore the new water features

This marks the first time in the history of the series that El Presidente has finally been smart enough to expand his empire out into the ocean. Using the ocean tiles also means you will have to sort out your water traffic in order to harvest the goods from your new Kelp farms and connect the power from your new Tidal Power plant. The new water features are expected to work completely with old sandbox maps as well. Check Kalypso’s website for more details.

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