Try the Grimoire: Manastorm Early Access shooter for free this weekend

Try the game for free this weekend, and buy it at a discounted rate if you love it!
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In an official press release, Developer Omniconnection has announced that their fantasy multiplayer shooter, Grimoire: Manastorm is available to play for free this weekend. One of Steam’s most popular business practices has been the habit of offering up free weekends for multiplayer-centric games that coincides with a discounted price. It’s proven to be a very effective method at getting people to invest in something they may have not even considered previously not to mention that the “try before you buy” approach is a win-win for the customer, vendor and developer.

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It should be noted that the game is still in Early Access which is something that makes a lot of people skeptical, mostly because some very promising games never shed themselves of the label and ultimately are left unfinished. Fortunately, the developers have been consistent in updated the game with new maps and features as well as keeping their fans in the loop with 35 different Devblog posts. The game also has a lot of positive reviews from players, so Grimoire: Manastorm is worth checking out.

Grimoire: Manastorm’s aim is to offer a familiar competitive multiplayer shooter experience under a completely new context. Usually when we think of shooters, we think of cheesy overt badassery with more guns than you know what to do with. That’s all well and good, but Grimoire turns the genre on its head by making players take on the role of wizards, and instead of boat-load of guns, you have a truck-full of spells.

You can try Grimoire: Manastorm for free until November 1st, and the game is currently available for the minuscule price of $7.49.

Quick take: There’s no denying the thrill of the speed and movement of arena-based multiplayer combat, but it’s cool to see a completely different take on the genre while retaining the core mechanics of what makes people love it so much. As the saying goes, the best value in life is free, so you don’t lose anything by giving this game a whirl. And if you decide that you do like it, $7.49 is great value for any game. 

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