Turn Your Hectic Life Into a Simple Video Game with the New App, QUEST

QUEST turns your busy life into a cute 8-bit video game!

QUEST turns your busy life into a cute 8-bit video game!

A new app called QUEST turns your daily activities into a video game, helping you to remember what you have to do throughout a day, and at the same time leveling up your in-game character.

QUEST turns your basic tasks into an 8-bit mini-game. As you complete each task, or “mission” in this case, your character gains experience points, while growing strong enough to defeat the monster at the end of the “level”. Throughout the day your character will get more points, growing stronger and unlocking more weapons for each chore you complete. 

Even though there may already be some “turn your tasks into daily video game” apps on your phone, QUEST does a great job of outshining the rest. It’s simple to use, and charming at the same time. The sounds and the graphics provoke the style of an old-school game helping you to reminisce about the classics, and the menu is super simple.

Although QUEST is only available for the iPhone, it already ranks in the top-ten for productivity apps in twenty countries. As of now the game is also celebrating its first year anniversary which makes it FREE for a limited of time. So for everyone in need of some help with time-management, go ahead and give this app a try!

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