Turtle Rock’s Team-Based Shooter, Evolve, Coming This Fall

The anticipated "asymmetrical team shooter" is set for later this year.

If you like the idea of a cooperative-based team shooter, you’ll be interested in the upcoming next-gen title from Left 4 Dead developers Turtle Rock Studios.

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Publisher 2K Games has confirmed that Evolve will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC some time this fall. Those who wish to pre-order the promising game will receive the Monster Expansion Pack, which features a Savage Goliath skin and a new monster character. The latter will release a little after the title’s launch.

Evolve, described as an “asymmetrical team shooter,” is powered by Crytek’s vaunted CryEngine. Four players will compete in a first-person format; they will assume the role of Hunters and they’ll have to face off against the Monster. The Monster is actually controlled by a fifth person, but they operate from a third-person perspective. With multiple Monsters, each with different skills, Hunters will face a variety of challenges.

2K Games parent company, Take-Two Interactive, picked up the IP rights to Evolve earlier last year. Remember when THQ bit the dust and all their properties were auctioned off? Well, Take-Two named this one for $10.8 million, which could prove to be a steal. They just need to deliver a quality shooter; if they do, gamers will likely respond and Evolve could become the next big franchise.

A shooter with a twist… not bad

Personally, I’ve gotten sick of shooters. I used to love ’em but these days, I really want a bit more in the way of creativity and imagination. There are only so many times I can run around and shoot everything that moves. For me, that just gets tiring after a while. However, Evolve has potential. The four-player team-based approach reminds me of Insomniac’s Fuse, which unfortunately didn’t burn up the sales charts. It was a valiant attempt, though, and it provided players with a relatively fresh gameplay system.

If Evolve actually feels somewhat fresh, I might be interested…

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