TV Anchor Mistakes video game “Apache Air Assault” for Russian Airstrikes

Egyptian news anchor Ahmed Moussa makes a blunder on TV believing footage from a video game are attacks on Syria.

An Egyptian TV anchor by the name of Ahmed Moussa made a blunder during his news report that Russians were conducting air strikes on Syria, when in reality his footage was taken from the game Apache Air Assault video game. 

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Mistakes were made

Ahmed Moussa was completely convinced during his show on Sunday, October 11th that the footage being shown was Russian weaponry sent forth by Vladimir Putin. 

“The Russians did it. Yes, this is the Russian army, this is Russian weaponry, this is [Vladimir] Putin. Yes, they are countering terrorism, truly countering it. Now you will see a terrifying video, terrifying.”

-Ahmed Moussa

After making such a fool of himself on the Sada el Balad channel, users of social media took on the challenge to make memes expressing how silly Moussa acted with other popular video games.

With video games becoming more and more realistic in graphics and art style, it’s understandable that occasionally mistakes can be made. With the case of Ahmed Moussa, his job consists of keeping up in current events, and by mistaking Apache Air Assault as actual attacks he embarrassed himself. 

What do you think of Moussa’s mistake? Share your thoughts below with the community!

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