Twitch Creative: A new section for artistic content

Twitch introduces a new Creative section for all types of different artists.

Twitch introduces a new Creative section for all types of different artists.

Anyone who has frequented Twitch in the past can vouch for the wealth of content on the site. Most of the people tend to play games like League of Legends or Counter Strike, but there are also others who use the platform as a way to show off their skills in a craft; whether it be music, art, sculpting, or graphic design. These past few years, this contingent of Twitch has been growing at a rapid pace, so today Twitch has announced a new offshoot section called “Twitch Creative”, where all the great artists on the site can take a more center stage.

“All along, the Twitch community has included a determined community of artists, crafters and builders, who have been using Twitch to broadcast their creative processes. These creative broadcasters share many of the same characteristics as all Twitch broadcasters: passion, engagement, and a community-centric worldview.”

In their announcement, they showed a new landing page for “Twitch Creative” with its own completely unique features, including a new tagging system that will help people visiting Twitch narrow their search to categories like “#drawing, #animation, #watercolor, or #robotics”.

Bob Ross, the late television personality famous for his art show, is kicking off the new page by airing every single episode of his syndicated show, The Joy of Painting. This is a marathon that will take over 8.5 days to finish airing his 403 episodes.

This is great news for the Twitch community as it shows the interest in streaming isn’t just isolated to video games. It allows people to watch and connect with others, regardless of their interests. It somewhat legitimizes the community as their fanbase continues to expand into other territories besides gaming.

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