With six days invested into "Twitch Plays Dark Souls" they've finally defeated their first boss, Asylum Demon.

Twitch Plays Dark Souls defeats first boss: the Asylum Demon

With six days invested into "Twitch Plays Dark Souls" they've finally defeated their first boss, Asylum Demon.

After six days of wandering through the Undead Asylum, the Twitch community finally made it through one of the biggest challenges they’ve faced so far; the Asylum Demon. Using a chat voting ability during parts of the game aided the large group in making decisions that elimated the Demon.

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Checkpoint Clear: Asylum Demon Down

With the chaos that’s erupted on “Twitch Plays Dark Souls“, it’s quite the miracle that they were able to make it through the character creation screen, let alone pass their first boss, the Asylum Demon.

If you haven’t been following the Twitch stream like I have, the below gif should represent exactly how it’s been going during the past six days, and why this accomplishment is a big deal:The only way the Twitch chat was able to complete this accomplishment was to invoke some vote commands on the chat so users who have sabotaged the game weren’t able to continue in their malicious attacks. Using the voting system was the exact way that “Twitch Plays Pokémon” was able to complete Pokémon Red in 16 days.

The Future of Twitch Plays Dark Souls

Since the community was able to defeat their first boss in six days, the future looks very promising for the social experiment, “Twitch Plays Dark Souls“. Being able to continue working together in harmony or voting will become a huge asset in the prospects of Twitch ever completing the game. We can only hope that cooperation with the community remains.Watch live video from TwitchPlaysDark on www.twitch.tv

Do you believe this achievement is as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be? Should Twitch uphold their dream of completing Dark Souls or abandon it for greener pastures? 

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