Twitter MMO Accused of Art Theft

Web-based RPG Tweeria has been accused of stealing art from World of Warcraft's card game, but assures everyone that they have the utmost respect for copyright law.
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By now we’re all familiar with the sorts of casual-play games that crop up on social networking sites of all types.  Games that amount to little more than themed poke-fests mingle with games that re-imagine classic games from the past with a modern spin (and usually a cash shop).  Some of these games are good, some are barely worth the time it takes to condemn them for their failings, and some are just lazy.

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Tweeria is a web-based role-playing game that links to a person’s Twitter account.  Your character levels up and gets stronger based on your tweeting, and actually advertises itself as the “laziest MMORPG ever.”

Not what I think they meant

Tweeria is being accused of using artwork from World of Warcraft, specifically from the trading card game based upon the fantasy MMO.  In response, Twee Game, the Russian company behind Tweeria, has posted an announcement on their blog addressing the copyright concerns, assuring everyone that

Please be assured that we do not want to violate copyright and we greatly respect any kind of art.

Here’s hoping they mean it, and this was just a really stupid mistake.


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