The B-Wing is coming to Star Wars Squadrons in a new holiday update, with several other new additions, including custom matches.

Two More Star Wars Squadrons Updates Add B-Wing, Custom Matches, More

The B-Wing is coming to Star Wars Squadrons in a new holiday update, with several other new additions, including custom matches.
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The B-Wing, a new multiplayer map, and more are coming to Star Wars Squadrons in November and December as part of two new content drops. Yes, the content drops Squadrons wasn’t supposed to have but we’re very glad are happening. 

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The November drop goes live on November 25 as part of the Star Wars Squadrons 3.0 update. Fleet and Dogfight modes get the new multiplayer map Fostar Haven. It’s taken from Squadrons‘ prologue mission with changes and new obstacles reflecting the passage of time in the game’s narrative.

The update adds new ways to customize your loadouts with four new components. Fighters and Bombers get the Boost Extension Kit to “change the pace of the battle in a new way.” These ship types can also make use of some deadly new missiles with the Prototype Piercing Torpedoes, which are weaker than other torpedoes but bypass capital ship and flagship shields.

Pilots can equip Interceptors and Fighters with Ion Rockets to blast apart enemy shields. The Ion Rockets are slow but can be launched with other components simultaneously.

Last is the Anti-Material Rocket Turret for Interceptors and TIE Reaper. These support components deal with pesky turrets and other “subsystems” from flagships and other support ships.

After that, Star Wars Squadrons 4.0 goes live sometime in December, headlined by the B-Wing (finally) and TIE Defender joining Squadrons’ ship roster.

Both take advantage of existing components alongside their unique capabilities — the B-Wing’s rotating cockpit and gyro-controls, for example, and the Defender’s shields.

The Squadrons 4.0 update also adds custom matches for the first time, complete with damage and health modifiers, ship restrictions, and more.

EA said this is the last update and gave a “thank you” to players for their enthusiastic support. We’ll have to see whether it’s actually the last, but EA does have a next-gen update in the works as well.

[Source: EA]

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