Two videos for Tearaway Unfolded’s release

Media Molecule's Tearaway Unfolded finally out on PS4!

Media Molecule's Tearaway Unfolded finally out on PS4!

Tearaway Unfolded used to be a PS Vita exclusive… until yesterday, where it was released onto the PS4! And to celebrate its release, two new videos – a trailer and a TV ad – were released at the same time the game came out. 

The trailer lets critics speak for the game through different quotes accompanied by some music, showing different aspects Tearaway Unfolded. It also shows Scraps, the main character’s enemies. 

The television advert is… well, a TV ad, with an exciting voice telling you how you can “blow, rip, flow!” through the fascinating paper world the game has to offer you. 

Tearaway Unfolded was a game designed uniquely for the PS Vita, using all of the features, from the camera to the motion controls and the rear touchpad. It wasn’t easy to adapt this game to the PS4, but Media Molecule managed, and they used the touchpad and motion control features of the DualShock to make it happen. 

Cutest platform adventure games ever

For those of you who are squealing over the cuteness of the game and are discovering this little world, know that Tearaway Unfolded was developed by Media Molecule, the same developers who brought us LittleBigPlanet.

Tearaway Unfolded is a platform adventure game where you play as either Atoi, if you chose the female character, or Iota, if you chose male, a messenger determined to deliver an important messenger to the player – you. Characters in-game even refer to you as “the You”. It kind of makes you feel almighty sometimes. 

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