Imagine leaving your Doctor's office with a prescription to play a game. Dream come true?

Ubisoft launches Dig Rush to help with Lazy Eye

Imagine leaving your Doctor's office with a prescription to play a game. Dream come true?

Doctors prescribe many things to help with our health; can you imagine them prescribing a game?

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Ubisoft recently announced a new game called Dig Rush, and the initial response shows that it could revolutionize the treatment of Amblyopia or “Lazy Eye.”  It affects roughly 3% of the world’s population and if it isn’t treated is the leading cause of blindness in adults.

Players use a tablet and 3D glasses to work both the dominant eye and the lazy eye in order to train the brain to improve visual perception.  A physician can tailor each player’s experience for their level of Amblyopia.

In the video, Mathieu Ferland, the Senior Producer at Ubisoft, explains how Dig Rush came to be and how it helps with the treatment of the disease.  He explains what it can mean for people affected with this disorder.

Ubisoft partnered with Amblyotech Inc. to improve the quality of treatment. Current treatment options like eye patching provide limited comfort and patients don’t complete the treatment due to discomfort and social stigmas. Amblyotech Inc. has electronic therapy that was tested to significantly improve the treatment, but with Ubisoft they are able to provide physicians with even a better option for treatment.

The game itself is simple, and it’s paired with inventions patented by a group of doctors at McGill University.  Once the game is made worldwide and it has received all the appropriate approvals optometrists and ophthalmologists will be able to prescribe Dig Rush to patients of all ages.

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