Ubisoft Reveals Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak for iOS and Android

The Tom Clancy brand is moving to mobile devices with this multiplayer sniper shooter from Ubisoft.
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Following on the heels of the recent release of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Ubisoft Halifax has just launched another Tom Clancy title for mobile devices. Dubbed ShadowBreak, the game is a real-time multiplayer sniper-focused FPS for mobile devices that is set to focus on strategies set by the players. It utilizes international arenas, ever-changing game play options, and lots of customization per round.

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In Ubisoft’s official blog, Editor and “Communications Mercenary” Mikel Reparaz describes the game, saying:

“ShadowBreak’s action unfolds in three-minute matches, during which you’ll split your attentions between deploying troops to attack enemy bases, and moving your sniper between vantage points to defend your troops, protect your bases, and hunt your sniper opponent. Choosing from a wide selection of guns and up to four different units per match, you’ll need to balance strategic thinking with quick reflexes to claim victory.”

The first mobile game in the Tom Clancy line, this title focuses on the player — a sniper — who doubles as the commander of his own armed militants. This coincides with the ability to take out enemies on your own, providing the absolute best of both worlds of war. Players will have to wait and see whether this will be a boon or a distraction in the middle of the game’s fast-paced play. 

ShadowBreak’s Creative Director AJ Morales elaborates a little further on what sniping brings to the game and its players:

“If you’re a great marksman with an inferior troop loadout, you’re still going to have a strong avenue to victory. If you’re not as strong in your shooter prowess but have superior troops and strategy, you’ve still got a great shot at the win.”

The full game is currently available in Canada for both iOS and Android, but will be available worldwide at a later date. 

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