Uh, Oh: System Shock 3 Could be in Trouble

A new report puts the fate of the science-fiction license in the cold black of space.

A new report puts the fate of the science-fiction license in the cold black of space.

System Shock 3 could be in dire straights. According to a troubling new report, the sci-fi horror sequel could be cancelled, with members of the development team left without a job. 

While System Shock 3 developer Otherwside Entertainment hasn’t confirmed the news, a VideoGamesChronicle report citing an unnamed former member of the team has revealed the entire dev crew is no longer employed. 

According to the report, the lead programmer, design director, and head writer all departed the project in the last few months. Now it’s reported that no one is working on System Shock 3. Design Director Chase Jones has since confirmed via LinkedIn that he departed the project this month.

If you’ve been following the game’s development process closely, it’s possible you saw something like this coming. Notably, Otherside Entertainment hasn’t put up anything new on its Facebook or Twitter accounts since October 2019.

The project was also revealed to be in jeopardy last year when publisher Starbreeze sold the System Shock 3 rights back to Otherside Entertainment. The developers had been searching for a new publisher since that time.

System Shock 3 was initially revealed to much fanfare with a countdown on the developer’s website back in 2015. For now, fans still have the remake of the original System Shock to look forward to from Nightdive Studios (check out our impressions of the alpha demo here).

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