Understanding the New Mojang Minecraft EULA: Your Questions, Answered

Mojang EULA. The do's and dont's, and everything inbetween.

Mojang EULA. The do's and dont's, and everything inbetween.

Mojang AB, the company that owns and develops the popular game ‘Minecraft’ recently introduced (or, for veteran players like me, enforced) a new EULA (End User Licence Agreement). This document kicked up a storm within the Minecraft community. In this article, you’ll see why.

To start off, Owen posted on the Mojang website stating the regulations for the new EULA, in an informal style. Basically, he stated that you are not allowed to offer players special treatment over others (pay-to-win).

So what does the new Minecraft EULA really mean for players and server owners?

Mojang have clearly stated in the EULA that pay-to-win is no more. But what are they really saying? Here’s a list of some simple Q&As that lots of people seem to be asking right now.

I own a small server. Am I exempt?

Nope. No exceptions, but a small server is probably the least of Mojang’s worries.

Can I charge for access to my server? 

Yep! Reccuring or one-time, it’s allowed. You can even have trial periods, as long as the trial player has the same features that a ‘paying’ player does, for a limited time (of course).

I own a proxy network/network. Each server is different. Can I charge access to one individual server? 

Depends. If you can get to different servers without going through the Multiplayer menu, then no. The client treats it as one server. If these servers require Multiplayer menu connection, then yes. The client treats it as different servers.

What does this mean for me, a player?

You can just play on through. It’s the owners that have to sort this out.

But I’m an Owner!

Then you need to implement this change by 01/08/2014. Otherwise your server will no longer exist.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get through this change with minimal disruption to your servers.

Still have questions? Ask in the comments and I’ll try to help you sort things out.

Happy Minecrafting, Game On!

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