Undertale – Revisiting a Tale within the Deep

Shoduran takes a stop again on an upcoming underground story.

A while back, I did a review for an indie game named Undertale which follows the adventure of a mysterious youth traveling the dark world of the underground. What was released at the time was only a demo of the adventure to come, and since the demo’s release, it has garnered a lot of attention. A Kickstarter campaign began nearly a month ago on June 24th, and while the group dedicated to finishing the game only required a meager five thousand dollars, it has grown rapidly past this point and reached nearly fourty thousand dollars.

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Get While the Getting’s Good

The Kickstarter campaign will be ending come July 24th, which is only a short seven days away. Those who were interested in my previous article or the game may want to hurry and check it out if they want to possibly benefit from any of the special packages still available to the public.

Checking out some of the special benefits, I only beg to wonder who would spend five hundred to one thousand dollars on a game merely to have their ideas inserted? It is not a question which blames them, as I am sure I likely would have done the same in their place, but it makes me wonder as well what personal additions will us fans of this wonderful game see being added by these benefactors.

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