Unlicensed WoW Theme Park in China is Hilarious and Scary

Everybody loves slightly off bootlegs! Now the world can enjoy them in the form of a Warcraft theme park.
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China is a country that’s pretty well known for it’s… “interesting” interpretations of some famous pre-existing IPs. Adding to the list of wonderful bootlegged creations, the unlicensed WoW theme park is now open to the public.

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This World of Warcraft theme park is filled with some hilariously inaccurate depictions of famous characters and races from the Warcraft universe. Featured are some pictures uploaded by a Reddit user named Francesca.

That Gryphon looks a bit underfed.

China was historically known for having absolutely fabulous centaurs.

Just when you got your friends to stop making Kung-Fu Panda references.

Look, it’s Jaino Pradmorgh, famous Battlecraft character.

As can be seen from these images, while the statues themselves don’t look bad, they definitely do not look accurate. I really wonder what the folks at Blizzard think of this.

Although the characters do look a little bit weird, the last shot of the WoW park really looks quite lovely. They put a lot of effort into it, even though it’s unlicensed. If you ever find yourself in Jiangsu and want something interesting to do, well, you know where to go.

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