Unova Starters Final Forms Available in Pokemon ORAS

Get the Unova region starters for your Hoenn journey!

Pokémon trainers that loved the Unova region( you know who you are) are in luck as Emboar, Samurott, and Serperior will be available to add to your Pokémon teams. An added bonus for these Pokémon that rare to the Hoenn region is that each Pokémon will come with their hidden abilities. That means Emboar will come with Reckless, Samurott will come with Shell Armor, and Serperior will come with Contrary.

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Each Pokémon will need a code to download it to Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Trainers will be able to get Serperior first from a code on the Pokémon website. For those who are wondering, the code is POKEMON497, the Pokedex entry number for Serperior. Emboar will have a code as well and that will be revealed on the Pokémon web site on January 29th. Samurott’s code will be available in the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter email for February. This was the same method trainers used to get their hands on demo codes for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

It’s always fun to introduce a set of starter Pokémon, especially their final forms, to a new generation of Pokémon trainers that might have missed Black and White the first time around. Tepig was my favorite starter in the Unova region and it will be fun to use it again in the Hoenn region. When I was younger I always liked to restart my game and play it again and again. Being able to get Pokémon from different regions like this is easier than restarting a journey. It will be interesting to see other starter Pokémon brought back into the fray in this method.

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