Upcoming League Champ: Quinn and Valor

The next champion is on the PBE. Quinn is a ranged AD with a passive that increases damage on specific targets, a skillshot blind, a situational attack speed buff, a ranged slow, and an ult that tranforms her to a melee.
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Riot Games has released their next League of Legends champion into the wilds of the Public Beta Environment.  Quinn and Valor is a female Demacian ranged AD and is accompanied by her pet/partner falcon.  She uses a crossbow similar to Vayne’s, but her falcon, Valor, grants Quinn a set of abilities that are significantly different from the Night Hunter’s.

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Quinn’s passive is Harrier.  Valor periodically swoops from the sky to mark an enemy champion or minion as Vulnerable in Quinn’s vicinity.  If Quinn shoots a Vulnerable target she does bonus physical damage.

Two of Quinn and Valor’s abilities have passive effects, but her Q is one of the two lacking one.  Blinding Assault has Valor fly in a line to strike the first enemy in his path.  Once he hits a target, he does damage in an AoE and blinds for a second and a half.

Her W is Heightened Senses and has her first passive.  The passive effect grants her bonus attack speed whenever she hits a Vulnerable target.  The active side of the ability has Valor reveal an area for two seconds.

The third ability, Vault, has Quinn dash to target opponent, dealing damage and applying a heavy slow.  The slow fades over two seconds.  After striking the target, she then jumps back to her maximum attack range while Valor marks the enemy as Vulnerable.

Quinn and Valor’s ultimate ability is called Tag Team.  Quinn leaps into the sky, being replaced on the field of battle by Valor for up to 20 seconds.  Casting the ult again before it runs out or simply waiting the full 20 seconds returns Quinn to the battlefield while performing Skystrike, doing heavy damage to enemies in a wide radius, with extra damage based on how much health the various targets are missing.

While Tag Team is active Valor still retains all of Quinn’s skills, but they all work differently for the falcon.  Blinding Assault becomes an AoE centered on Valor, rather than a skillshot.  Heightened Senses greatly increases Valor’s attack speed.  Vault has Valor perform the same attack as Quinn, but he does not mark the target or leap away after striking them.  In addition to all this, Valor naturally has a passive movement speed buff of 80% that reduces down to 20% while he’s in combat, making him lightning-fast if not being damaged.

Quinn and Valor bring a few unique traits to League of Legends, some of which have obvious utility during laning (Clairvoyance with a non-ult cooldown) and some of which are just strange (ranged AD becoming melee AD during ult).  Abilities are subject to change, but they look worthwhile so far.

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