Updates for Guns of Icarus Online

The update for Guns of Icarus Online includes a new map, tutorials for each class, and more hats.

I have only recently gotten into Guns of Icarus Online, but the experience has been a positive one.  Ironically, if I had waited a couple of weeks to try it out I might have had an easier time acclimating.  The latest patch to update the game from Muse Games includes a few very specific new things to be excited about.

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For new players, the update includes tutorials for each class.  While each class (pilot, gunner, engineer) is fairly self-descriptive based on their names, understanding the intricacies of how they actually work is a bit more complicated.  As an Engineer, which repair tools are better for what?  As a gunner, which ammunition should I take for certain weapons or situations?  For such a simple game the intricacies have a surprisingly large effect, the new tutorials are appreciated.

The update also brings a new map, a 2-ship-per-side king of the hill battlefield called the Labyrinth.  As shown in the video at the top, it is quite the moody place, and the prospect of needing to engage in tight maneuvers to capture objectives while battling enemy airships is an exciting one.

There are also, of course, new outfits.  If Team Fortress 2’s success taught anyone anything, it is we can never have too many hats.  Be sure you download the update if you don’t have Guns of Icarus Online through Steam, I’ll see you on deck.

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