Xbox users seem to feeling some heartache with a new issue arising from Xbox One's controllers.

Users report analog drift issues with Xbox One controllers

Xbox users seem to feeling some heartache with a new issue arising from Xbox One's controllers.
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Technology moves fast these days, so it’s no surprise when a new and innovative gadget comes out with a few bugs or glitches here and there. Unfortunately for Xbox One users, many are beginning to experience issues with the their Xbox One controllers.

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The issue has been known since the Xbox One’s release, but is now starting to catch fire and spread throughout the Internet. Yesterday, problem-stricken users took to’s official forums, where many began claiming similar issues across the board.

I’ve had 3 controllers go bad on me in the exact same way. Really glad other people are rallying up against this, needs to be addressed majorly.                                                                         -Maurerk (Xbox One user)

The analog drift issue basically means the analog sticks on the right and left of the controller are no longer centered. Since the analog sticks usually control movement and camera angles, this makes them completely unusable.

After 1 year my controller is drifting upwards too. I can’t play some games because of this. I’m not playing my xbox either. Taking a long break until this is fixed.      

                                           -Duncle Nemo (Xbox One user)

What’s Microsoft doing to combat the issue? Nothing so far. The only answer users are receiving is to purchase a new controller, as most cases have these issues happening out of Microsoft’s 90 day warranty.

Some users are claiming that opening the controller up and thoroughly cleaning them out has worked; however, Microsoft is recommending otherwise, as it will void those still under warranty and could cause more problems in general.

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