Using only glitches, somebody made Super Mario World into Flappy Bird

YouTube user SethBling creates Flappy Bird in the SNES classic without the use of hardware modification.

By taking advantage of glitches in the SNES classic Super Mario World, YouTube user SethBling managed to re-create mobile sensation Flappy Bird without the use of modified hardware.

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The feat was accomplished in collaboration with user “p4plus2” who wrote the code. Using unmodified SNES hardware, SethBling completed a sequence of complex actions to “inject” new code into the game in a live Twitch broadcast. He says this is the “first time a human has ever completed this kind of exploit”. 

You can see the creation of the modification in the video above, where SethBling explains the step-by-step process of how the code is being injected, and how it’s affecting the game. You can see how the game reacts to the tampering — with color palettes changing drastically and character sprite animations glitching out. 

This is not the first impressive Super Mario World feat SethBling has achieved. Last year he managed to exploit a “credits warp” glitch in the game, which allowed him to technically complete the title in just under six minutes. 

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