Valve’s SteamVR Vive Headset Revealed for Release in 2015

Valve's VR Headset Revealed before GDC

Valve has revealed their hand in the VR headset competition, a week earlier than expected. Valve’s SteamVR headset was supposed to appear in at the Game Developer’s Conference but the details for the headset have released online. The headset is labelled as the Vive and Valve is collaborating with tech company HTC to produce the Vive.

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The Vive is made up of two 1200×1080 displays that refresh at not 60 but at 90 frames per second. The headset also has a gyrosensor, accelerometer, and laser position sensor, as well as something called the ‘Steam VR base station’ that will allow players to simulate in-game movement by physically walking around the room (There is no possible way this could go terribly.) Custom HTC controllers will be made for more complex interactions. 

The Vive will be supported by various companies including Dovetail Games, Google, HBO, Lionsgate, and places like the National Palace Museum. The consumer version is actually planned for release this year and more details will probably come out of GDC later on.

You can find out more about the Vive at the website for the time being.

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