Video Games As Art – Pixel Poetry Documentary

A film that aims at the definition of art through technology.

A film that aims at the definition of art through technology.

The late Roger Ebert was famously quoted as saying, “Games can never be art,” (and less famously quoted by rescinding those words later) but the argument about the notion of video games as art remains a hot topic since those words were first spoken.

In the new film “Pixel Poetry: The Case For Videogames As Art,” director Richard Cook, somewhat known for his previous film “Pixels and Polygons,” takes aim at this subject often left to coffee-talk outside of the industry in an attempt to bring an understanding of the medium to a larger audience.

Being billed as an open discussion about the transcendence of art through technology, the film will feature interviews with personalities in the gaming space, music, film, sculpture, painting, and more to create a definitive opinion and compelling argument using video games as the main catalyst.

Releasing in Summer 2014, a new reveal trailer offers a look at some of the personalities in the film talking about misconceptions of games as art, as well as a whimsical bit of how they would describe video games to the well-known painter and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci.

Those interested in the film can follow its progress via the Director Richard Cooks Twitter and YouTube channel.

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