Vigil Games Has a New Home in Crytek USA

All seemed lost for Vigil Games until yesterday morning, when Crytek announced that they had a new home for some of the team at Crytek USA.

Darksiders developer Vigil Games was one of the few studios under THQ that was not sold during the initial auction. All seemed lost for the developer until yesterday morning, when Crytek announced that they had a new home for at least some of the Vigil team.

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Germany-native Crytek opened their first North American studio dubbed Crytek USA in Austin, Texas yesterday — and the 35 “core” ex-Vigil employees are invited, with Vigil Games co-founder David Adams at the helm.

This marks Crytek‘s first studio in North America and is their ninth internationally. For the ex-Vigil employees that have been moved to the studio, it is a last minute save from one of the biggest names in the industry. Not only are they getting a fresh start, but they’re getting one under the wing of a company that can provide them with some of the best tech today.

Crytek recently purchased the Homefront IP for $500,000 during last week’s THQ auction, and is publisher and developer of the upcoming Crysis 3 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Here’s to hoping they will be grabbing the Darksiders IP to go along with their Vigil employees in Crytek USA.

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