Vita just got scary (Midday LOL)

Midday LOL: PlayStation Vita game Open Me gets creepy
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Today’s LOL is brought to you by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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At what point do little girls go from being cute to creepy? I believe our friends on the other side of the Pacific found the answer in the Japanese advertisement for the PlayStation Vita game Open Me.


I love ARGs. The integration between real life and a computer game is fascinating.  Handheld devices with cameras on the backside like the Vita make these types of games fun and easily accessible. However, is this really the way to introduce ARGs to the world at large?

So many questions

Please, tell me you found that little girl creepy, too. And what’s up with the sweaty guy hanging over her shoulder the whole time? And if she had a second Vita in her pocket, why did she wait until the end to hand it to him? OK, I’m stepping away now; I’m starting to get the heebee-jeebees.

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