Vita Update Brings Themes to the System

The latest Vita update brings with it themes for the system.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Sony has recently updated their PlayStation Vita software with update 3.30. This might not sound important, and admittedly, several of the updates (like trophy tweaks and new calendar features) are minor. However, according to Sony’s blog, this update also introduces themes to both the Vita and the PlayStation 4.

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Yet these themes will not be free. Players will have to purchase them on the PlayStation Vita Network. Unfortunately, prices are not available online, despite themes having been released already. In addition, themes based on games like Uncharted: Golden AbyssTearaway, and Freedom Wars will come to the system soon. For now, Vita owners will have to make do with the non-game specific themes Sony has made available.

On the heels of the new 3DS?

Given the timing, this theme update looks like a response to Nintendo’s recent efforts with the 3DS. After all, the company recently announced themes for its upcoming new 3DS system, and reception toward that has generally been positive. What better way to inject life into the ailing Vita than to piggyback on Nintendo’s successful strategy? However, the Vita’s new themes may also be more coincidental, if anything. Sony announced the feature a month ago, well before Nintendo added themes to the New 3DS.

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