Walmart Offers PS4 Bundle With $50 Gift Card

The Walmart online store is now offering a $399 PS4 bundle with a choice of between four big games.

The Walmart online store is now offering a $399 PS4 bundle with a choice of between four big games.
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Black Friday is long gone, but that hasn’t stopped Walmart from offering a new PS4 bundle online that’s hard to pass up if you’re still in the market for a PS4. The Bundle includes the PS4 and digital download vouchers for one of four games for $399 and includes a $50 gift card that could be put to could use picking up a second a controller, a Playstation Camera or just put towards another PS4 game.

The games to choose from are:

  • Destiny
  • NBA 2K15
  • Far Cry 4
  • Little Big Planet 3

Whichever of these four games appeal most to you, they’re big games that you could expect to put dig enough hours into that it would be worth having it installed fully on the console. They are only voucher codes for the digital download, meaning that unless you got other games you’re going to spend a serious chunk of time downloading the game and it’s respective patches before you have anything to play (if you’re giving it as a gift keep that in mind!) but considering all of these games are large experiences you can reasonably expect to keep coming back to from time to time, they make sense to have digitally in the long run, so you can cut down on disc-switching time with your new PS4. 

Don’t forget, the bundle is still a solid deal considering the games offered, but the $50 gift card is only available when purchased online.

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