War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Pre-Registration Open

The Brave Exvius spinoff is set for an impending release in the West and has a number of pre-registration bonuses.
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During Square Enix’s massive E3 2019 presentation, one title received a trailer and no mention thereafter: War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Now, Square Enix opened up pre-registration for the mobile tactics RPG and anticipates a spring 2020 launch in the West.

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War of the Visions is probably the closest thing we’ll get to a proper Final Fantasy Tactics sequel until Square Enix actually makes a direct sequel.

The game takes place on the war-torn continent of Andra and follows the kingdoms of Leonis and Hourne. Princes Mont and Sterne fight each other for influence in Leonis, while the Maiden of Hourne, Macherie, is the game’s third central character.

It all plays out in ways that should be familiar to anyone who’s played the Final Fantasy Tactics games in the past. Each character has access to a set of jobs that augments their abilities and offers new skills. Espers are added in as additional boosters, and the environment is used for more than just getting a height advantage on your opponents.

Pre-registration is open on the Google Play Store. It’s supposed to be open on the App Store too, but it’s not live at the time of writing.

The official War of the Visions website details a number of pre-registration bonuses like weapons and items that’ll be made available after pre-registration numbers pass certain milestones.

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