‘War will not determine who is right, only who’s left’ – Planetside 2 Launches

MMOFPS Planetside 2 launches. FPS genre changes forever.


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As I have mentioned previously, if the crown of best MMO can go to a shooter, then it needs to be set in a persistent world (yes, I’m looking at you World of Tanks). The recently launched Planetside 2 delivers exactly that experience. In spades.

The ground breaking massively multiplayer first-person shooter, set on the war-torn planet of Auraxis offers a persist world map of multiple continents over which three factions; the rebellious New Conglomerate, the iron-fisted Terran Republic and the alien Vanu Sovereignty wage a perpetual war for territorial control using footsoldiers, ground armour and aerial vehicles.

2000 players can participate in a single warzone, utilising a broad variety of upgradeable equipment and vehicles from jetpacks and “Mechanized Assault Exo-Suits (MAX)” to heavy tanks and VTOL aircraft. The time-based skill progression allows for a player to unlock new certificates and gain access to more advanced and specialised kit.

The free-to-play game launched on 20 November 2012 and although there were some early technical difficulties for European players and some lag issues on the Miller server, these were addressed quickly. The early signs are this could be something special.

If the gameplay trailer above somehow failed to make you the least bit curious, then I suggest you either seek medical assistance or watch this cinematic trailer from earlier this year. Apart from the barnstorming action, I particularly enjoyed the great line at the end, “War will not determine who is right, only who’s left.” Although, pedantically speaking, that will be everyone as you can always respawn. It’s still a good line though.

Where do I sign up? Oh, here.

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