Warcraft Movie Casting Rumors Aplenty

Casting rumors have begun to fly about the long gestating Warcraft movie.

Casting rumors have begun to fly about the long gestating Warcraft movie.

For those of you not in the know: The Hollywood bigwigs have been working on a Warcraft movie for what seems like forever.

The project has gone from producer to producer – director to director – until it finally started getting off the ground. Now, with the incomparable Duncan Jones (director of gems such as Moon and Source Code) at the helm, the casting rumors have begun to fly.

The most recent kernel churned out by the ever-running rumor mill has been the potential casting of Colin Farrell (nominated for an Oscar for his work in Daredevil – kidding, guys) and Paula Patton (most notably from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol).

As to who they could be playing is totally up in the air, as the timeline for the movie has yet to be officially revealed. If I had to venture a guess I’d say Farrell could be up for the hero turned villain Arthas, while Patton is probably some nameless Night Elf love interest – you know, because this is Hollywood and that kind of crap has to be shoehorned in even when it makes no sense.

**Colin Farrell as: Sexy Lich King. “He’ll steal your soul, and make you love it.” I’m available for hire, Blizzard.**

Warcraft is set to release in 2015. Though, at this point who knows given the amount of time it’s been in production? For the record, my Warcraft mythology is a bit rusty, so if I have any of the facts wrong here, be sure to berate me in the comments.

Of course, this is more or less speculation at this point, but let’s have some fun with it. Who do you think Farrell and Patton will be playing? Better yet, what do you think the perfect casting for the Warcraft movie would be? Sound off in the comments down below and maybe you can come over to my place and join me while I thank all that is holy that Uwe Boll doesn’t have his grimy German paws all over this one!

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