Warframe is slashing its way onto the Xbox One.

Xbox One, Beware The Coming Of The Tenno!

Xbox One, Beware The Coming Of The Tenno!

September 2nd marked the release of a free online download of Warfame on the Xbox 0ne. It is the first free-to-play title on the [email protected] program, a new program on the Xbox One that will make the developing and publishing of inde games on the Xbox One easier for independent game developers.

The game was previously released on the PC in 2013, and since then it has found its way to the PS4 console and now the Xbox One. For those who may not know, Warframe is a free-to-play sci-fi MMO and third-person shooter from Digital Extremes. The game is free to play, but those who want a boost or a better advantage can buy boosters and upgrade packs.  

In the game you can choose between single and multiplayer missions that can contain up to four players. The game features a variety of both melee and ranged weaponry along with different types of Warframes, each equipped with their own set of unique abilities. The game provides different factions.

Warframes are controlled by you, also known as the Tenno. They are an ancient race of biometal ninjas that have come to keep the peace.

The remaining factions are enemy units. The Grineer are a race of militaristic and cybernetic enhanced humans. The Corpus are a reclusive group that controls all trade routes in the solar system and actively seeks an ancient technology called Orokin artifacts (or Warframes) to better improve their advanced weaponry. The last faction is the Infested. They are made of both Grineer and Corpus characters that were turned into abominations when infected with the “Technocyte Plague”.

The game is in a constant state of evolution with new weapon and mission updates changing gameplay every two months so anybody coming in now is meeting an engaging story with an incaluable amount of game time, for more information keep reading GameSkinny.  

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