Wargame: Red Dragon Invades Scandinavia With Third Free DLC

Free DLC allows players to lead the armies of Sweden, Norway and Denmark in a high-tech Cold War gone hot.

Eugen Systems has released the open beta for the third downloadable expansion to Wargame: Red Dragon, their flagship real-time strategy game where players can lead the military forces of the democracy or communism through World War III.

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Swedish Tanks

Low and sleek, the Swedish Strv 103 series represented a break from traditional Cold War tank design and are faithfully modelled in Wargame: Red Dragon

As with their previous DLCs, the Scandinavia DLC is free. The new DLC adds 60 new pieces of military equipment for the nations of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, which allows them to stand their ground against the advanced forces of the Communist Bloc. New additions include the much-anticipated JAS-39A Gripen air superiority fighter, the CV9030N infantry fighting vehicle, and the prototype Otomatic 76mm self-propelled anti-air gun.

Several of the additions are vehicles which were actually on the verge of entering service when the Cold War ended, but were cancelled when the threat of a Soviet invasion disappeared. In the world of Red Dragon, players can fight a war in which these equipment entered service.


The Otomatic, an advanced 76mm self-propelled anti-air gun, was on the verge of entering service with the Danish armed forces to defend against the threat of Soviet paratroopers when the Cold War ended

Though the patch is merely days old, balance issues have cropped up surrounding the new Scandinavian units, which some player claim are too inexpensive or unrealistically powerful; players looking for a balanced metagame are advised to steer clear until such issues are ironed out.

Other additions include new maps and balance changes to existing maps, as well as a balancing pass including reworked ranges for infantry-carried anti-tank weapons and rebalanced firepower of late-era main battle tanks.

Players can activate the DLC beta by right-clicking Wargame: Red Dragon in their Steam library and selecting Properties, then navigating to the Beta section and choosing to activate the DLC beta in the list of available programs.

The full patch log is available on the Wargame: Red Dragon forums.

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