WarioWare: Move It! Shakes on Over to Switch This November

The next WarioWare isn't far off, with WarioWare: Move It! coming later this year.

WarioWare: Move It

Wario is shaking his way back onto the Switch this fall with WarioWare: Move It, the latest collection of micro-games from the wacky minds at Nintendo. Making use of the Joy-Con’s unique features, Move It will include over 200 different micro-games with co-op play for two players. A party mode with four-player functionality is also teased in the game’s official description.

Some of the highlights in the trailer include a micro-game based on Super Mario 64 DS, asking a dog for a paw, chopping a bamboo stalk, and pulling a Pikmin out of the ground. It’s fun to see Nintendo pull from all of its franchises for WarioWare, which has always given the series a fun identity and feel. It’s maybe too bad that this new game won’t have online support, but Nintendo still seems to be entirely shy of including that with any of its titles.

According to the Nintendo eShop website, WarioWare: Move It will be a digital-only title and is set for release on November 3, 2023. It will retail for $49.99, which is maybe a bit steep for a WarioWare game. Fans of the series likely won’t mind, but this might be one to wait for a sale on.

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