Reports tell us what might have been at Warner Bros. first E3, had it not been cancelled.

Warner Bros. Reportedly Planned New Batman Game, Harry Potter RPG at E3 2020

Reports tell us what might have been at Warner Bros. first E3, had it not been cancelled.

In the wake of E3 2020’s cancellation thanks to the coronavirus, we’re learning a bit about what might have been. This year’s E3 was going to be Warner Bros. Entertainment’s first showing at the major event, and Kotaku’s Jason Schreier said the company had a big showing planned.

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Most notably, Schreier says Warner Bros. was going to debut a brand-new Batman game. What Batman game, well… that’s a bit murkier.

Just in the past year, we’ve heard countless rumors of different Batman games after all. Some sources claimed it would be an Arkham follow-up title, some were convinced it would relate to the Court of Owls.

Apart from some tweets and vague hints, though, there was never anything concrete. Whatever it ends up being, it won’t reportedly be from Arkham developer Rocksteady, as Schreier says the studio is working on a different title that would also have debuted during E3.

The third title is the long-rumored, gritty Harry Potter RPG we’ve heard nothing about in the past year after the first leaks. Apparently it’s real, and hopefully, we’ll hear more about it soon.

Stay tuned to GameSkinnt for more on these games, as well as the fallout from E3 2020’s cancellation, as it breaks. 

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