Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Announced By Ubisoft

Ubisoft announced today that the Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere will take place on June 8th.
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Ubisoft announced today that the World Premiere for Watch Dogs 2 will take place on June 8th at 9:00 AM PDT (that’s 12:00 PM EST). An official site set up to promote the announcement features an unnamed figure in the background manipulating multiple windows on a phone, with links to different Watch Dogs social media accounts and the official YouTube page.

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Ubisoft also released a short teaser video on YouTube, entitled “Watch Dogs 2–Hello World” (which you can view above). In it, the same unknown figure manipulates windows on a cellphone, presumably in the same way Aiden Pearce used his phone to manipulate the ctOS system in the first Watch Dogs.

In the background, various sound effects and muffled voices duel for attention. At the beginning of the video a voice seems to be heard saying “I’ll be at dinner,” and towards the end another (this time female) voice is clearly heard saying “we’re compromised.” It is not yet clear what significance these clips may or may not have on the plot of the upcoming game.

Interestingly, even though it seems Ubisoft took the intentionally vague approach towards today’s announcement, some important details about Watch Dogs 2 may have already been revealed. According to Jason Schreier at Kotaku, either Ubisoft or someone else has already given away some of the suspense:

Fortunately, Kotaku has already learned most of the important details about Watch Dogs 2: It’s set in San Francisco, it stars a black hacker named Marcus, and we’re expecting it for PS4/XB1/PC this fall (unless they’ve delayed it for some reason).

As things stand, the details about Watch Dogs 2 will emerge for everyone to see this Wednesday.

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