Watch Dogs: Complete Edition out and running on Xbox One. Still no sign of Watch Dogs 2, however.

Watch Dogs: Complete Edition for Xbox One

Watch Dogs: Complete Edition out and running on Xbox One. Still no sign of Watch Dogs 2, however.

For those of you, if any, still waiting on some news about Watch Dogs 2, don’t hold your breath. Seriously, do not. Because Ubisoft has decided to release a Watch Dogs: Complete Edition for the Xbox One, while fans are wondering about a sequel. 

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For $50, Xbox One gamers can obtain this edition, complete with the full game, its season pass, a new game mode, new weapons, outfits and missions, as well as a few DLCs, including the Access Granted Pack, the Conspiracy Digital Trip, and the Bad Blood story expansion. That last one allows gamers to play as the “legendary hacker” T-Bone (no, the legendary hacker is not even Aiden Pierce). 

For now, PlayStation 4 and PC do not have release dates for their versions of the Watch Dogs: Complete Edition, but announcements should be just around the corner. 

Watch Dogs 2?

Watch Dogs, when revealed for the first time at E3 2012, made gamers want the game. Need the game. But then, all of the magic surrounding the game disappeared when it was finally released. Perhaps it was because of the numerous bugs going on in the PC version of Watch Dogs. Maybe it was because Aiden Pierce was just… not fit to be a main character (a.k.a bo-ring). In any case, the game just did not have the success most expected from it. 

Many rumors about Watch Dogs 2 have been going around. Unfortunately, Ubisoft does not seem intent on giving fans a sequel (yet?). 

However, the developer is releasing a Complete Editon for Far Cry 4 next month. So it’s not like Ubisoft hasn’t been busy. 

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