Sony ended their press conference with new Uncharted 4 gameplay, which helped end Sony's presentation with a bang.

Watch Uncharted 4’s dazzling new gameplay footage from E3

Sony ended their press conference with new Uncharted 4 gameplay, which helped end Sony's presentation with a bang.
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Sony’s E3 conference on Tuesday night would not have been complete without some trailer or footage of Uncharted 4.

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Sony did not disappoint in the slightest.

Sony actually ended their conference with this trailer and it’s not surprising after watching it. The audience got to see a lot of combat, showing that Uncharted 4 is definitely keeping to its roots.

Also, it is a treat to see that Victor “Goddamn” Sullivan will be present in this game. Until now, there was no confirmation for any other characters returning to fight alongside Drake, besides his brother Sam.

As per usual, Uncharted 4’s environment is beautifully detailed. Nothing really captures the spirit of Uncharted like Sully and Drake’s bantering back and forth while being caught in a car chase through the narrow streets of a foreign city. It is also interesting to see that vehicle driving will be making a comeback.

Otherwise, the combat gameplay is the standard for the Uncharted series: shoot down baddies while hiding behind cover points.

the lovely uncharted 4 enviroment

The car chase was as high energy and exciting, as is the standard for most of Uncharted‘s high-tension moments. We even got to see Drake use his grappling hook, which was shown off at last year’s E3, for a few seconds before the end of the gameplay trailer.

It is no wonder that Sony decided to finish off their conference with this gameplay; its high level of energy, beautiful visuals, and loveable characters definitely ended the conference on a high note.

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