We Don’t Know What Nintendo’s Codenamed “NX” Console is, but You Can Pre-Order it From EB Games

Nintendo has began developing their next console, code named "NX."
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You heard it right, Nintendo has started developing their next dedicated video game console, and right now it’s called the “NX.”

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The announcement was made briefly during the joint press conference detailing the alliance between Nintendo and mobile entertainment giant DeNA. The reveal was, in part, a way to prove that Nintendo wasn’t going all in with the move to mobile, and that they are still full-heartedly committed to dedicated gaming market.

Little information was given on the console, except that one of its main features is the incorporation of the network being developed alongside the partnership. This network is to integrate Nintendo’s WiiU, 3DS, and the NX, along with smartphones, tablets, and PC’s and is meant to “create a connection between Nintendo and each individual consumer” no matter what platform they’re on.

It’s important to note that this program is the replacement for Club Nintendo, which is ending June of this year for North America, so we’re all eager to see what shape the program will take. Of course, the console is still early in development, so more information won’t be revealed until next year. However, that hasn’t stopped retailer EB Games from jumping the gun and offering pre-orders for the console. You can reserve Nintendo’s NX in-store starting today, whatever it is. 

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